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Which Of The Following Is Termed As Minimum Error Code


Of China (A). 22: 841–848. FLOPS is a measure of computer's performance especially in the field of scientific calculations that makes heavy use of floating point calculations.9) Which of the following logic families is well suited This makes the transmission system less susceptible to noise. Therefore, if more than one bit in the multi-bit pointer is changing at the sampling point, a "wrong" binary value (neither new nor old) can be propagated. this content

Counc. Please take 5 seconds to share with your firends. 0 comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Search This Blog Loading... These levels satisfy | V n ( i ) | = ( n i ) {\displaystyle |V_{n}(i)|={\binom {n}{i}}} . An STGC for P=30 and n=5 is reproduced here: Single-track Gray code with 5 sensors.

Minimum Error Code Is

From 1982 to 1983, he was Senior Scientist at Plessey Research (Caswell) Ltd., Towcester, specialising in semiconductor lasers and LED systems. This can be performed in parallel by a bit-shift and exclusive-or operation if they are available: the nth Gray code is obtained by computing n ⊕ ⌊ n / 2 ⌋ Microprocessor is based on (a) thermionic valves (b) transistors (c) integrated circuits (d) chips. (Ans) 23. It is visible ...

The decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal number ES is: (a) 327 (b) 229 (c) 279 (d) None of these 17. A hexadecimal odometer displays F 52F. Job Results Jobs By Company Jobs by Branches Jobs by Roles Jobs by Skills Internship Jobs Scholarships Jobs Success Stories BE Jobs / B.Tech Jobs MCA Jobs MBA Jobs / PGDM Feedback Queues The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down.

The term 'Glich' in a computer terminology refers to (a) an error condition either in hardware or in software that causes malfunction (Ans) (b) direct access storage devices (c) error The Total Time To Prepare A Disk Drive Mechanism For A Block Of Data To Be Read From It Is The Gateway Internet Access Services (GIAS) of India is situated in (a) Delhi (b) Mumbai (c) Chandigarh (d) Madurai 4. ISBN0-89871-231-9. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 45 (7): 2383–2396.

time, wear, human work), a Gray code minimizes the number of setting changes to just one change for each combination of states. Binary To Gray Code Direction-Sensitive Binary Code Position Control System, Feb. 11, 1958 (filed Oct. 1953). Assuming g i {\displaystyle g_{i}} is the i {\displaystyle i} th gray-coded bit ( g 0 {\displaystyle g_{0}} being the most significant bit), and b i {\displaystyle b_{i}} is the i Patent 2,823,345 ^ S.

The Total Time To Prepare A Disk Drive Mechanism For A Block Of Data To Be Read From It Is

doi:10.1016/j.endm.2007.07.091. ^ Kautz, W. find this High level languages (a) need no translation (b) use binary numbers only (c) use English and mathematical symbols (Ans) (d) are understood directly by computer 94. Minimum Error Code Is Retaining data for future reference is called (a) storing (Ans) (b) sorting (c) memorizing (d) outputting 13. Race Condition Always Arises In Which of the following is not the out put device to the computer ? (a) paper tape reader (Ans) (b) paper tape punch (c) video monitor (d) matrix impact printer

His play "Quad" features four actors and is divided into sixteen time periods. http://3cq.org/error-code/wii-wi-fi-error-code.php The advantage of Gray codes in these applications is that differences in the propagation delays of the many wires that represent the bits of the code cannot cause the received value The reflected binary code was originally designed to prevent spurious output from electromechanical switches. The heart of a digital computer is (a) control unit (Ans) (b) memory unit (c) logical unit (d) visual display unit 32. Maximum Error Code

However, sliding contacts wear out and need maintenance, so non-contact detectors, such as optical or magnetic sensors, are often used instead. in Sub. CANDIDATE SERVICES Contribute Placement Papers Online Test | GATE Preparation | CAT Preparation | Bank Preparation CURRENT AFFAIRS Current Affairs 2016 Current Affairs Latest January 2016 have a peek at these guys Sitemap GATE CSE For all GATE CSE Questions Toggle navigation GATE Overflow Facebook Login Google Login or Email or Username Password Remember Login Register | I forgot my password All Activity

single-track gray codes, binary chain codes (Lancaster 1994), and linear feedback shift registers are all useful in finding one's absolute position on a single-track rotary encoder (or other position sensor). What Is Gray Code Which of the following is termed as minimum error code ? (a) binary code (b) gray code (Ans) (c) excess 3-code (d) octal code 49. During this period he developed and ran a number of short courses on digital techniques designed for practising engineers.

ThetermPhongisassociatedwith(a)Raytracing(b)shading(c)Hiddenlineremoval(d)agame 3.Thesubnetmask255.255.255.192 (a)extendsthenetworkportionto16bits (b) extendsthenetworkportionto26bits (c) extendsthenetworkportionto36bits(d)hasnoeffectonthenetworkportionofanIPaddress 4.OnaLAN,whereareIPdatagramstransported? (a)IntheLANheader.(b)IntheApplicationfield. (c) IntheInformationfieldofthe LAN frame.(d)AftertheTCPheader. 5.InEthernet,thesourceaddressfieldintheMACframeisthe__address. (a)originalsender'sphysical (b) previousstation'sphysical(c)nextdestination'sphysical(d)originalsender'sserviceport SETE 6.Whichofthefollowingtransmissionmediaisnotreadilysuitableto CSMA operation? (a)Radio(b)Opticalfibers(c)Coaxialcable(d)Twistedpair ist'c INDIANSPACERESEARCHORGANISATION -_ Page1of16 COMPUTERSCIENCE-2008SETE 7.

He was also invited by the International Telecommunications Union on a number of occasions to give a series of lecture courses on the Indian sub-continent. Originally, the code pattern was electrically conductive, supported (in a rotary encoder) by an insulating disk. Resume Samples How to write a resume Sample Cover Letter Resume Tips Resume Mistakes Read More... Application Of Gray Code The section on fault-finding has been expanded.

ISSN0097-3165. ^ C. Comput. 7: 177–180. ^ a b NZ 264738, Spedding, Norman Bruce, "A position encoder", published 1994 A claim is at http://www.winzurf.co.nz/Single_Track_Grey_Code_Patent/Single_track_Grey_code_encoder_patent.pdf ^ Hiltgen, Alain P.; Paterson, Kenneth G.; Brandestini, Marco (1996). Otherwise, if n does not divide R n {\displaystyle R^{n}} evenly, it is possible to construct well-balanced codes where every transition count is either ⌊ R n / n ⌋ {\displaystyle http://3cq.org/error-code/what-does-error-code-919-mean.php The number of levels in a digital signal is (a) One (b) Two (c) Four (d) None of these 20.

CANDIDATE SERVICES Contribute Placement Papers Online Test | GATE Preparation | CAT Preparation | Bank Preparation INTERVIEW QUESTIONS General Interview Questions HR interview Questions How to If all contacts are placed at the same angular position, then 9 tracks are needed to get a standard BRGC with at least 1 degree accuracy. Spedding[23][not in citation given] and refined by Hiltgen, Paterson and Brandestini in "Single-track Gray codes" (1996).[24][25] The STGC is a cyclical list of P unique binary encodings of length n such simulatoremulatorcross assemblerboot strap loaderShow/Hide Answer Answer = CExplanation: Cross assembler is an assembler which runs on one type of processor and produces machine code for another.8) Which of the following unit

HoldsworthGedeeltelijke weergave - 2014Digital logic designBrian HoldsworthFragmentweergave - 1987Veelvoorkomende woorden en zinsdelen2's complement 4-bit adder AB"C active low addition alternative analogue arithmetic array ASM chart asynchronous asynchronous circuit block diagram Boolean JSTOR2132693. ISBN978-3-540-93806-4. The seek time in the case of fixed head magnetic disk is (a) 20 ms (b) 10 ms (c) 5 ms (d) 2 ms (e) zero (Ans) 73.

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