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Weblogic 10.3 Error Codes


Action Define the notification or remove the notification from the watch. How do I increase WebLogic Server memory? for your Connection Pool.This is the best way the pool can ensure That connection pool provides us a good connection when an application ask for it. BEA-320029(retired) Error: Configured action class className is not a valid action class Description Configured action class is not a valid action class Cause Incorrect action implementation Action Reimplement action class to http://3cq.org/error-codes/weblogic-error-codes-pdf.php

Action Ensure that the trap destinations are configured correctly. BEA-320072(retired) Warning: Notification notificationName for watch watchName was not performed since the notification is disabled. Disabling instrumentation in scope scope. So i wont be able to see your stack trace …if you will paste that without replacing these special characters. . . Continued

Error Codes In Weblogic Server

Description Internal error. Description Delegating monitor is configured to use an action of a specified type, but the action does not exist. Cause Hotswap is not enabled. Is it dangerous to use default router admin passwords if only trusted users are allowed on the network?

Java Process Total memory = (Java Heap Memory + Java Native Memory) So looks like in your case There may be a Native Memory leak which is causing this issue…Some times Not implemented 501: This error occurs when for example, you have pressed the submit button on a form. Description This message indicates that the ServerDebug service has initialized successfully during startup. Back to the top weblogic Configuration › Error Codes Error Codes The error codes listed below may occur in the probe's log file.

This issue is to all JVMs in the domain. BEA-320063 Warning: An attempt to add watch watchName failed because the watch has already been defined. In the above portlet you will find a Link "View changes and restarts" Click Here 4). check these guys out BEA-320137 Error: Invalid class inclusion pattern(s) for instrumentation monitor type in scope scope.

Cause An exception was thrown unexpectedly. BEA-320077 Info: Initialized the Diagnostic Accessor Service. Cause MBean was unregistered from MBeanServer before unregistering with Harvester. It is also possible that Database has certain number of connection limitations once it reaches to that limit it starts rejecting the new requests. . .

Oracle Weblogic Error Codes

Action Diagnostic image capture request will be scheduled and executed. http://narayanasetti.blogspot.com/2011/04/http-error-codes.html It looks like the changes are not writing to config.xml file. Error Codes In Weblogic Server Action Reconfigure harvested data archive. Internal Error 500: The server was unable to send the html document to you due to an internal (server software) error.

It is either password-protected or the host does not want your domain to enter. 404 Not Found The host server can't find the HTML document at the URL you've entered. this contact form Action Create a new notification with a valid email address. Example: -Duser.region=es . . Error code1500 and 1503 may also appear in the Weblogic browser window. 1500 Lost connection to the WebLogic server.

BEA-320147 Error: Instrumentation system is disabled because the instrumentation library is invalid. Cause Exception was thrown during rule evaluation. The DB server goes down and thus we were seeing lots of threads in stuck mode . have a peek here BEA-320123 Error: Could not add MBean instance instanceName to the harvested instance list for type typeName: cause.

Description Attempt to add duplicate monitor to an instrumentation scope failed. BEA-320114 Info: Initializing the Diagnostics Harvester. Cause This message indicates that the logical name is not a valid parameter or an error occurred while reading the diagnostic data.

The Harvest timer is reset if modified.

You can also index them by subsystem. Amit Tank Linked In Amit M Tank Ranch Hand Posts: 257 posted 8 years ago Check if your application is deployed or not? Description The DebugScope with the given name is not defined in the ServerDebugMBean interface. Cause Incorrect instrumentation configuration Action Remove multiple monitor entries with same types from the instrumentation scope configuration.

Please refer to http://www.techonthenet.com/oracle/errors/ora06512.php Regarding Issue-2). Open the Server Log and check the timestamp of the first occurance of that Error in the Server log. Take appropriate action based on the error message. http://3cq.org/error-codes/weblogic-error-codes-documentation.php Issue was resolved after taking downtime from all app teams and killed all JVM's and node managers on each sharing hosts.

BEA-320069 Error: Watch watchName contains an invalid notification notificationName that is not defined. Thanks for your help! Action Make sure that all harvester configuration parameters are set appropriately.