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Wincor Atm Error Codes


Inspect for jammed currency at the Exit. Test the dispenser by completing several test dispenses. If the test dispenses are normal and the status clears, place the cash dispenser in service. Recommended Action: This error code indicates that the system has recognized a document intended for the reject vault has reached the note transport sensor. http://3cq.org/error-codes/wincor-nixdorf-atm-error-codes.php

Error Code: 163 Description: Terminal did not answer (Triton Connect error) Recommended Action: This error is not displayed at the cash dispenser. Check the calibration value for the pressure, empty, and exit sensors. Complete several Test Dispenses to verify correct operation. If present, "unlock" and remove each cassette from its feed channel.

Wincor Nixdorf Atm Error Codes

Cassettes with no identity must be injected with a new cassette ID (See the 5000 Cash Dispenser Configuration Manual). Recommended Action: Open the Security Cabinet and inspect the cash dispenser for broken parts. Test the dispenser by completing several test dispenses. 4. Configuration jumpers may have been changed.

Check the operation of the diverter solenoid. 3. Attempting to operate the cash dispenser without the reject vault will normally cause it to go to an "Out of Service" condition. This problem may also be caused by a defective modem. Wincor Atm Machine Error Codes Recommended Action: This error code is reported when an internal error occurs in the dispenser.

The maximum number of notes that can be dispensed from the dispenser during a transaction is defaulted to fifty. Wincor Dispenser Error Codes Error Code: 319(43h)[C] Description: Jam in note transport. No characters were received. http://www.atmexperts.com/atm_error_codes.html Clear terminal error code.

If injecting a new cassette ID into the cassette does not correct the problem, replace the cassette. Ncr Atm Error Codes Reset the error. Test the TDM-100 by completing several Test Dispenses. Error Code: 5 Description: Connect 1200 Baud then lost carrier or connection.

Wincor Dispenser Error Codes

If these actions have no effect on dispenser operation, replace the dispenser mechanism. http://chcatm.com/FAQ-pages/ATM-error-codes.htm Reset the cash dispenser and clear the error. Wincor Nixdorf Atm Error Codes All Rights Reserved. Wincor Nixdorf Atm Service Manual If these actions have no effect on dispenser operation, replace the dispenser mechanism.

If error persists, replace the SPED keypad module. useful reference Reset the cash dispenser by turning OFF the AC power switch for a few seconds and switching it back ON. Error Code: 148 Description: Write to electronic journal failed. Clear terminal error code. Wincor Atm Error Codes Pdf

If EOT is received on subsequent attempts, then Error Code 1 is reported Results: No money is dispensed, screen and receipt display system unavailable. Error Code: 110 (6Eh) Description: Trailing edge time-out at exit. 1. Reset the cash dispenser. http://3cq.org/error-codes/wincor-atm-machine-error-codes.php Error Code: 207 Description: SPED not detected.

NCR, Diebold, Wincor, Hitachi and other Brand New and Used with highly Quality... Wincor Nixdorf Atm Manual Pdf Recommended Action: Restart the operating system. This problem may be caused by a corrupt pin working key.

If the voltages are not within tolerance, you may need to replace the cable or power supply.

If the error clears, put the cash dispenser in service. 6. Error Code: 126 (7Eh) Description: Diverter moved to reject position during dispense Recommended Action: Inspect for a note jam at the diverter. Remove and empty the reject vault. Wincor Nixdorf Atm Models Error Code: 112 (70h) Description: Timeout waiting for leading edge at reject Recommended Action: A note that was expected to be seen by the reject sensor was not detected by the

Inspect all communication cables to make sure they are not damaged. If the error persists, replace the dispensing mechanism. Error Code: 138 Description: Printer failed while printing to the receipt printer. get redirected here Purge the dispenser with the purge command.

Recommended Action: This status occurs when a note is detected by the exit sensor when it should not have been. Error Code: 301(31h)[1] Description: Low level in cassette. Recommended Action: This status is generated when there are 10 rejects during the current dispense. Recommended Action: This error code is generated when a cassette is emptied during a dispense operation and does a partial dispense.