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You must use the fully-qualified variable name in the formula to remove this ambiguity. (WIS 10040) 95 WIS Incorrect use of multiple comparison operators at position {n}. (WIS 10041) 95 WIS Please contact your Business Objects supervisor. (ADM 00207) 28, You are not authorized to delete a user who also belongs to at least one group that you cannot administrate. Enter a valid absolute directory for the patch directory that does not contain any of the following characters: [space], '#" or '$'. ProductID.txt file not found. (STU 00006) The mounted source does not contain a Business Objects CD. Source

This Business Objects distribution only supports HP-UX 11. (STU 00005) The version of the operating system you are running is not the correct one. Reinstall Designer. Patch is not the most recent patch. The associated universe connection is not valid. (UX0013) 49 UX0015 The connection associated with the universe has not been defined. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/97063/can-anyone-give-me-a-list-of-the-business-objects-error-codes-and-what-they-mean

Errors In Webi Reports

Rename this query. (WIS 30371) 102 WIS You cannot edit this document, because the query property option "Allow other users to edit the query" was not enabled when the document was You cannot refresh this document. Please try the request again.

Impossible to copy files to . (STU 00052) You are not allowed to write files in the installation directory. The features you want to patch are not installed. (STU 00081) The patch cannot be installed because none of the features it covers are installed. Make sure the CD you have mounted is a Business Objects CD. Your Security Profile Does Not Include Permission To Edit This Document. (error Err_wis_30252) Error Messages Explained 2122 1 Setup Error Messages Feature is already installed. (STU 00040) The feature you want to add to the current installation is already installed.

The current user cannot be found. Common Errors In Webi Reports This syntax is no longer supported in this version. To remove the user from the group you are authorized to administrate, use the RG command (Remove from Group) instead. 28 Error Messages Explained View more Similar documents Web Intelligence Rich check it out Otherwise, upgrade your installation to the release for which your patch is intended, then install the patch.

Close this dialog box and then enter a name for the report. (WIH 00012) 81 WIJ You need to use the Formula Editor to create a correctly formed formula. (WIJ 10000) Sap Bo Errors The subject with ID does not exist in the CMS or you don t have the right to access it. (IQ 00025) 139 IQ00021 Filter does not exist. (IQ This distribution only runs on AIX 5. share|improve this answer answered Sep 18 '08 at 21:35 community wiki shrub34 It looks like that guide doesn't have that error message.

Common Errors In Webi Reports

Contact your BusinessObjects administrator. (WIS 30751) 104 WIS The XML file for this document cannot be opened. http://business.objects.error.message.guide.winadvice.org/ Make sure you have the right permissions to write files in this directory. Errors In Webi Reports Stop the system, then try again. Sap Error Messages Table Problem with the security domain. (UX0067) 60 UX0068 Database error during export of the list of values file. (UX0068) 61 UX0069 Export of the lists of values interrupted. (UX0069) 61 UX0071

The above error message is generated if you try to access your data warehouse via the repository after the associated database.sbo file has been moved, renamed, deleted, or damaged. http://3cq.org/error-message/win-xp-error-message.php Change the name. (DX0018) 45 DX0022 You requested to export the secured file . Class names must be unique within a universe, and must not exceed 35 alphanumeric characters. Current language is not one of the installed languages. (STU 00029) The language you specified as the current language is not available in this distribution or will not be installed. Business Objects #error

You cannot export your lists of values. (UX0040) 52 UX0041 The document domain account is different. Import canceled. cannot be imported. (DX0014) 44 DX0017 The file cannot be deleted. (DX0017) 44 DX0018 The file name is not compliant with the platform you are working on. Contact Business Objects Customer Support. http://3cq.org/error-message/what-is-error-message.php This would delete all instances of the user from the repository.

It may be a relative path, or it may contain spaces or unsupported characters. You Do Not Have Sufficient Rights To Refresh The Query All rights reserved. Last update: March 2006 Business Objects products in this release may contain redistributions of software licensed from third-party contributors.

See your BusinessObjects administrator. (WIS 00503) 93 WIS Syntax error in formula at position {n}. (WIS 10001) 93 WIS The object name {object} at position {n} is not unique in the

Feature is not installed. (STU 00041) The feature you want to remove from the current installation is not installed. All rights reserved. Try to open the document in InfoView. Sap Errors And Solutions Make sure you have the right permissions to create a directory.

You do not have a license for this feature: . (STU 00031) Your license is not valid for the feature you tried to install. Your Business Objects server is still running. Given that ice is less dense than water, why doesn't it sit completely atop water (rather than slightly submerged)? Check This Out Install your distribution on a Solaris 8 platform.

Ask the universe designer to fix the parent class definition, and to reexport the universe to the repository. Impossible to create temporary file . (STU 00050) When you run winstall or wmodify, these scripts need to create temporary files in the /tmp directory. Enter a valid absolute directory for the source directory that does not contain any of the following characters: [space], '#" or '$'. If not, change your permissions for the parent directory or install the distribution in another directory.

This action on the file is forbidden to you. Specify a different document name. (WIS 30557) 103 WIS Web Intelligence cannot perform the intended action on this document. (WIS 30650) 104 WIS The Web Intelligence server failed to load the The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Using Elemental Attunement to destroy a castle Whose body does Lucifer have on Earth, in the FOX TV show?

Check that the distribution contains this language. Please contact your Business Objects supervisor. (ADM 00208) 29 ADM0012 Cannot connect to the universe domain. (ADM0012) 26 ADM0017 Too many candidates (ADM0017) 26 ADM0026 Unsupported RDBMS (ADM0026) 26 ADM0069 Parent Please contact your supervisor. (ADM0195) 28 ADM0200 Cannot start agent UX.