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Articles Error opening an InTouch SCADA application in Window Maker - The Application Cannot Be Edited Issue When opening an InTouch application in Window Maker the error message ‘The application cannot Most likely, the problem is that Window Maker can not find a copy of the C pre processor in a directory such as /lib. Go under the Workspaces menu item and hold the control key down. This worked for me.

Once compiled without OpenLook support, Netscape minimizes with the correct icon. 3.12 How do I get superfluous bells and whistles working? All information regarding the Window Maker mailing lists can be found at http://windowmaker.org/lists.html 1.4 Where can I find more documentation? The first number is the "major" revision number. I've only done this with a couple of things (Adobe AcroRead is the only one I remember at the moment).

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In order to make asclock launch every time you start Window Maker, right click on the outer edge of the border for asclock until a menu appears. The file /lib/cpp should be a symbolic link to whatever C compiler's cpp you are using. Anyone has any idea? How can I get it back? 3.22 How do I remove ALT+Mouse1 from the action Window Maker grabs for an application? 3.23 How do I configure the Dock and

If you set the root background with wmsetbg by hand, it will obviously find the image, since you have explicitly specified it by hand. Articles Application cannot be edited on InTouch Window Maker start up Issue: Error message: The application cannot be edited. Here is an example setup: # ************************************************************************** # # Window Maker config file # Mike Bland <[emailprotected]> # # /usr/dt/config/C/Xresources.d/Xresources.wm # # used by dtlogin # # ************************************************************************** Dtlogin*altDtsIncrement: True Dtlogin*altDtName: Fake Error Text Message Register for Information Register with scadadev Register with scadadev.com * * * By providing my information and clicking on the send button, I confirm that I have read and agree to

It can also mean that you did something you shouldn't, which is changing the program that is ran from the docked icon. Error Message Text The following line is straight from your WindowMaker-0.15.x ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/menu file and should all be on one line. "Images" OPEN_MENU BACKGROUNDS_DIR ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/Backgrounds WITH wmsetbg -u -t This should give you an idea I used gv, but anything you can dock will work. Office Building Sign Generator!

Questions are routinely taken and added in from the mailing lists and IRC forums. Windows Error Message Sound lostcontrol View Public Profile Find More Posts by lostcontrol January 28th, 2012, 09:43 PM #11 chitwoodb Member Join Date: Jan 2011 Location: oneida tn Posts: 12 thank you You can get libtool from ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu Make sure the autoconf and automake versions you have installed are at least: autoconf 2.12 automake 1.3 libtool 1.2 From Blaine Horrocks: "You can also The hint is the -name option for xterm or rxvt.

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For example: rxvt -title 'Mail (mutt)' -n 'Mail' -name muttTerm -e mutt Xterm works the same way. (4) These are getting to be a lot of command-line options. Road Construction Sign Generator! Error Message Generator You need a terminal emulator that has support for transparency, like Eterm, the latest rxvt, wterm, aterm or gnome-terminal. Funny Error Message As of the time of this writing, the version is 2.4.7 and it natively produces an appicon without a patch.

The explanation is that Solaris by default comes with a shared memory segment size of maximum 1 M. Here is a synopsis of the files in ~/GNUstep ~/GNUstep/WindowMaker/WindowMaker is main config file. Apply or Save as desired, then close the Attributes inspector. Its purpose is two-fold. Windows 8 Error Message Generator

Text: Left Button Gray Center Button Gray Right Button Gray Do not link directly to the image! Run the install script wmaker.inst in your home directory. Thanks to Bogdan Iamandei for this answer. 2.17 How do I add Window Maker to the Solaris dtlogin screen? Website Provided by Innaxsys Web Design Sheffield FAQ Have questions about Window Maker?

Thanks to Jim Knoble for this answer: Many window managers are capable of turning large windows into smaller `icons' which represent the window yet don't take as much screen real estate. Error Message Generator Text John Eikenberry has also created an rpm which is available from ftp://ftp.coe.uga.edu/users/jae/windowmaker 5.7 How do I allow Alt+# to work in an rxvt/xterm session? deleted appedit.lok and it cleared things right up.

Don't use dithering except when needed, because it is slower.

Thanks for the update by Sara C. Optionally create a README for your theme in WindowMaker/, call it something like "ThemeName.txt" 2. That's what I'm doing, since I don't have root access at work :(. Error Message Generator Mac Please click here to register!

You can look at the BUGFORM file in the source distribution of Window Maker. For example: xmcd = { Icon = "Radio.xpm"; AlwaysUserIcon=Yes; }; 3.18 How do I turn off the workspace titles between workspaces? Choose ``Attributes...''. For the most part, this is now best accessed via a right click on a title bar of an application and selecting "Attributes" ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMState is the file that is automatically generated

To check out from cvs, first export CVSROOT=":pserver:[emailprotected]:/cvsroot" cvs login There is no password, so simply hit enter when prompted. Add the following two lines to .dtprofile in your home directory: SESSIONTYPE=xdm; export SESSIONTYPE PATH=:/usr/contrib/bin/X11:$PATH:.; export PATH This tells CDE to go looking for an .xinitrc/.xsession instead of using the default The newest jpeg libs are availible at http://www.ijg.org How many of you have seen that darned "lib reports 62 caller expects 61" type of error? Furthermore, it is possible to supply special flags to the configure script to help it find where the libraries are.

The time now is 10:29 AM. Return to all articles News Fix: Error opening an InTouch SCADA application in Window Maker - The Application Cannot Be Edited. You need to run ldconfig so the new shared libraries will be loaded. So if Emulate Appicon does not work, dockit will not work either.

Username and password don't match when installing common compoents. 021920 - I'm running Intouch 9.5 SP1. Comment out irix-session management restart netscape. Introduction to Window Maker Installing Window Maker Configuring Window Maker Using Window Maker Application Compatibility Themes and Dockapps Miscellaneous Questions Troubleshooting Tips Programming for Window Maker

So, even if new options are added, they should be automatically added to the environment. 2.5 Why am I only getting a root menu with xterm and exit items? Or you can add NewStyle=NO; to your ~/GNUstep/Defaults/Windowmaker file. 3.14 How do I get the window menu with only a two button mouse? For example: xterm -e mutt rxvt -e mutt gnome-terminal -e mutt (2) Convince Window Maker that the resulting terminal window is not a regular terminal window, but rather some other program IconBack = (spixmap, tile.black.xpm, white); The last parameter is the color that fills in any transparent parts of your icon. 3.6 How do you dock that doesn't have

If Attributes -> Advanced Options -> Emulate Application Icon doesn't work: Dock another application to the clip, where you want your application to go. Eric Nelson LIVE PLC Questions And Answers 23 January 15th, 2003 04:15 PM All times are GMT -5. Also, make sure to use GNU make for the Window Maker compile. 2.13 How do I start Window Maker after running wmaker.inst? These can all be adjusted by the ``Appearance Preferences'' tab in WPrefs.