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Western Digital Error 5657

We are guessing that the name comes from the similarity in appearance to a hardback book (if not a slightly grey one). Now my PC is much faster and more importantly I have stopped seeing this error! not some shitty proprietary format WD might use But yeah, if you don't have any important data on it, just return it. The WD2Go Pro app is also very good but let down by poor format support and a partial implementation of the Apple AirPlay protocol. have a peek here

Having just updated the firmware we were informed of another new update, "Firmware Update Version found : MyBookLive 02.03.01-024". The CD-ROM includes PDF manuals. Yo_u've got to the Dashboard UI and trying to upload the firmware but then it just gets stuck and does not complete._ This happened to me. Shay Myron 2011-05-22 00:48:14 UTC #16 Another thought...  Uninstall every version of the Java run-time on your computer and then install the latest Java run-time.

Any other suggestion? Don't use xcopy. Lack of internet access is usually caused by firewall rules, mac address filtering, wrong default gateway, or port forwarding rules.

So - I haven't customized anything at all... Configure DHCP of fixed IP address. Setup & Configuration Installing the hardware is simply a matter of connecting the device to its power supply and a wired network connection. I wondering if during the update the LAN link between the NAS and router is momenterally dropped, the router may get confused and take too long to re-establish it's link with

Limitar por producto Este botón no funciona con lectores de pantalla. File downloaded via the web browser is incomplete. letting the Dashboard to downlad the firmware file and install it) or manually (downloading the file myself from  http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdfmb_live and trying the upgrade manually) I get the same error: Except for https://community.wd.com/t/registering-mybooklive-error-communication-error-please-see-knowledge-base-article-5657/54819 Many thanks for your help Myron I'd never done it without your help.

Información sobre la compañíaOportunidades de trabajoRelaciones con los inversionistasRelaciones con la comunidadContacto con WDMarcas comercialesWD SocialSociosSala de prensaConfidencialidadCopyright PolicyPrincipales enlaces a asistenciaWD Support PortalPreguntas frecuentes (PF)/Base de conocimientosDescargasGarantía y servicios RMATechnical Unless those drivers are in a RAID0 configuration where the data is split between drives, there's no need for RAID support. Tries to upload the firmware file using the Dashboard UI and it got stuck. In November 2011 and update was released for SmartWare (V1.51.6).

Now...  This is quite important.  There will be no other feedback.  It'll look like it's hung but it has not.  Do not terminate the PuTTY session to the MyBook Live as https://community.wd.com/t/firmware-upgrade-on-mbl-1tb/55915 Please see knowledge Base article 5657." Obviously, there's no problem with the LAN (cables or switches) or the Macs wouldn't be able to access their private folders. Seleccionar una categoría Ordenar por Valor por defecto Resumen Nuevo o actualizado Descripción Fecha actualizada Dirección Ascendente Descendente Tipo de búsqueda Expresión compleja Frases Frases similares Búsqueda exacta Consejos de búsqueda MBL) prior to upgrading the firmware and after the reboot the Dashboard UI vanished.

Please update your firmware". navigate here I figured it was frozen, hence the 'communication error' and then unplugged it. I thought my PC had died when I got this error but now it's as good as new. Communication error: Please see Knowledge Base article 5657 Cloud Storage My Book Live paullee 2011-05-14 23:48:38 UTC #1 Hi WD Community, When I try to register my MyBookLive as per the

I can't think of anything else. We are sure some of these issues will be fixed in the future and look forward to confirming this in later updates to this review. Do you want to try that?  I can give you instructions BUT before you attempt this, back-up everything off the MyBook Live you wish to keep. Check This Out Edited: wait, I just read your post a second time.

I've tried from my Windows 7 Notebook and an XP Desktop. The app supports the concept of 'clipping' media files, which are then copied (cached) onto your mobile device. Just out of interest I have no problem connecting to the interface with a chrome browser.

It also has sorting options to allow you to filter out photos and offers slideshow capability.

Any help is greatly appreciated! I can reach MBL from all PCs in my home network, I have no problem connecting the Internet, etc.) - at least not one that I'm aware of or know to All I'm trying to do is to upgarde the FW of the MBL (actually, the Dashboard gives always a messgae that there's a new FW version and that I can upgarde...). contagious 2011-03-22 07:44:14 UTC #2 This is weird.

This allows you to choose the folders and files you want to use in the backup process. That's wonderful news as it implies that western digital error 5657 chances are excellent that western digital error 5657 your particular difficulty continues to be nicely noted and will probably be I'm able to access the drive, able to perform backup, able to do reboot, etc.). http://3cq.org/western-digital/western-digital-error-108.php The problem we have with it is that it doesn't give you enough detail (and thus enough confidence) on what is being backed up by the software and what isn't.

Thankfully, virtually all these possible troubles are exceptional. Thanks, Shay Myron 2011-05-18 00:43:55 UTC #6 Ok. The admin web interface is open for anyone on the local network to access. Check the checksums of the upgrade file now on the Public Share . . .

So if for example, if you backup 'pictures', it backs up duplicates and pictures discovered on the whole hard disk and for all users on the machine. After about 10 minutes, it came up with a 'Communication error: KB 5657', not in those exacts words but basically referring to a knowledge base article which I could never find. Seems to have Repaired it, thanks x” Andrea- 1 Month Ago “You are an absolute legend!