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Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyIwata demande : Xenoblade Chronicles 3D sur New Nintendo 3DSIwata demande : SplatoonIwata demande : Fire Emblem Fates SociétéL'Histoire de NintendoNintendo dans le mondeRapport de Responsabilité Sociale d'EntrepriseEmploiInformations Nintendo of Europe non si assume responsabilità per il contenuto o la sicurezza dei siti che stai per visitare. The "Channel" setting is typicallyfound in the "Wireless" section of your router's setup utility. Wii Error Code: 208005 Summary: There is a problem with either the card number or expiration date you provided.

This can potentially increasethe download speed. Slower connection types, such as dial-up, may notwork properly with the Wii console. Wii Error Code: 206401 Summary: Invalid My Nintendo username/password. Use atool like Netstumber to check for other networks in the area and choose achannel as far from the others as possible. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Support/Wii/Troubleshooting/Error-Codes/208009-208010-637318.html

Wii Error Code Group: 52130, 52131, 52132 Summary: There appears to be an issue with your wireless router's firewall. Puoi cambiare le impostazioni dei tuoi tracking cookie qui. For information on setting up a home network: check out theUltimate Wii Guide, consult your router's owners manual or contact yourInternet Service Provider.   Error code 61000 - 61070:This is usually If prompted by your firewall or PC security program, addthese to the list of trusted applications.

If adjusting the "Channel" did not work, try to move the router closer toyour Wii to gain a stronger connection and try again. However, channel 6 is the default on manyrouters and therefore most likely to interfere with other networks. Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyIwata vraagt: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D voor de New Nintendo 3DSIwata vraagt: SplatoonIwata vraagt: Fire Emblem Fates BedrijfsinfoNintendo's geschiedenisNintendo wereldwijdMaatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemenVacaturesConsumenteninformatieWet- en regelgevingPrivacybeleid Nintendo-websiteCopyrightIntellectuele eigendomWiiOnlineSpellenWii miniVirtual ConsoleWiiWareWii-kanalenAccessoiresNintendo DSNintendo You can view our router pages by clicking here.

Some games may need certain settings on your router enabled or disabled to allow a successful connection with other players. If prompted by your firewall or PC security program, addthese to the list of trusted applications. Also note that if you live in a apartment and a neighbor uses themicrowave oven, the signal might be interfered as well.   Note that Nintendo Wii doesn’t support WPA-PSK2(AES) on BrawlSwords and SoldiersAlgemene tipsThe Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swordsupport_item_49333Wario Land: The Shake DimensionOntdek de geheimenWii Fit PlusVerborgen extra's en speltips voor Training PlusProblemen met het Wii Balance BoardWii PlayTips voor de

This information may also apply tocertain computer security applications, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware,etc.:   Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector USB (NintendoWFCReg.exe)Setup.exe (when installing the USB Connector)SoftAPInstDrv.binmdriver.exe   If you are still receiving this Wii enfin révélésNouveaux défisPUNCH-OUT!!Astuces pour le mode carrièreSin and Punishment: Successor of the SkiesLes secrets du high scoreSuper Mario GalaxyDéfiez les lois de la gravitéSuper Mario Galaxy 2Secrets, bonus à débloquer Splatoon Tomodachi Life Animal Crossing Super Mario Mario Kart × Twitter Segui @NintendoItalia su Twitter Segui @NintendoEurope su Twitter Segui @AC_Fuffi di Animal Crossing: New Leaf su Twitter × YouTube Seguici Wii Error Code Group: 51330, 51331, 51332 Summary: The Wii console is not able to connect to the access point.

Wii Error Code: 208011, 208012, 208013, 208015, 208017 Summary: Your credit card was declined. Wii Error Code: 208014, 208016 Summary: Your credit card is expired. Pikmin 2Consigli generali sul giocoNew Super Mario Bros. Vous vous apprêtez à quitter le site de Nintendo of Europe.

To do this:   Click the "Start" button in the lower left-hand corner of your PC. 1. UIwata vraagt: Paper Mario: Sticker StarIwata vraagt: Nintendo presents: New Style BoutiqueIwata vraagt: Nintendo LandIwata vraagt: Dr. Clear out some space or use a memory card. Pikmin 2Algemene speltipsNew Super Mario Bros.

PikminConsigli generali sul giocoNEW PLAY CONTROL! Recommended channelsettings are: 1, 6 or 11 since these channels doesn’t interfere with eachother. Wii Error Code Group: 51040, 51041, 51042 Summary: Troubleshooting for the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector needed. Wii Error Code Group: 110210, 110211, 110212, 110213 Summary: General WiiConnect24 error.

Inicio Atención al cliente Wii Resolución de ProblemasCódigos de error Wii UPacks de la consolaCómo comprar juegosMiiverseNintendo 3DSCaracterísticasSoftware instantáneoContenido para descargarBuscador de hotspotsamiiboGama de amiiboHistoria de las consolas de NintendoWiiGama de This information may also apply tocertain computer security applications, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware,etc.: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector USB (NintendoWFCReg.exe)Setup.exe (when installing the USB Connector)SoftAPInstDrv.binmdriver.exe Error code 50100 - 50199:The Wii console was Please review our general router troubleshooting. 3.

Try turning off thesedevices.

Try turning off thesedevices. Wii al descubiertoNuevos desafíosPUNCH-OUT!!Consejos para el modo CampeonatoSin and Punishment: Successor of the SkiesVídeos con pistas para ser el número unoSuper Mario GalaxyDesafía la gravedadSuper Mario Galaxy 2Secretos, trucos y desbloqueosSuper WiiDe 25e verjaardag van Super Mario Bros.Iwata vraagt: Rhythm ParadiseIwata vraagt: In gesprek met Takahashi & SakaguchiIwata Vraagt: Steel DiverIwata vraagt - Monster Hunter TriIwata vraagt: Nintendo DSi XLIwata vraagt: Donkey Wii Error Code Group: 52120, 52121, 52122 Summary: Power cycle your router/modem.

Bericht sluiten Toggle navigation Search button Nintendo Wii U RondleidingHet systeemSysteemsoftwareSpellenDownloadbare contentOnline extra'sGalerieBestel nu Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3DSNew Nintendo 3DS XLNintendo 2DSDirect toegankelijke softwareDownloadbare contentSpellenStreetPass amiibo Informatieamiibo-overzichtVragenVideo's Aankopen doen Onlangs If you are using the Nintendo Wi-FiUSB Connector, and have a software firewall or other computer securityprogram installed on your computer, there may be additional steps youmust complete to allow a If you have selected "Wired," erase thatconnection setting and start over, being sure to select "Wireless" or"Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connetor.".   Error Code 51000 – 51009 , 51130 , 52030, 52100-52199: Either send the console to Nintendo or reformat the unit’s internalmemory.   Error code: 109107If parental settings are set to “forbid” the WiiConnect24 service is blocked.   Error code 110210 -

Type "IPCONFIG/ALL" and press Enter. Je kunt de instellingen voor tracking cookies hier wijzigen. Wii Error Code: 209576 Summary: Connection timed out. BrawlSwords and SoldiersConsejos generalesThe Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swordsupport_item_49333Wario Land: The Shake DimensionRastrea los secretosWii Fit PlusExtras ocultos y consejos para Ejercicios PlusProblemas con la Wii Balance BoardWii PlayTrucos de Campo

Nintendo is experiencing server issues, so you have to wait a while before your card info can be validated. Trucs et astucesPikmin NOUVELLE FAÇON DE JOUER !Trucs & astuces basiquesPikmin 2 NOUVELLE FAÇON DE JOUER ! Donkey Kong Jungle BeatTrucos y sugerenciasNEW PLAY CONTROL! If you are still experiencing this problem, please contact your card's issuerfor further assistance.   Error code 208007:It appears that the expiration date you have entered is invalid.   Verify the

Try moving therouter to another location, away from walls or metal.