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Go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again. 53 The network path was not found. 54 The network is busy. 55 The specified network resource Igor46 27.02.2011, 7:03 Цитата(ibis_87 @ 26.02.2011, 8:23) Странно, у меня телефон куплен недели 2 назад, и что-то меня глюки не мучают из описанных тут, тьфу-тьфу-тьфу. Куплен телефон в "Евросети", прошивка С3200XXJl1, The following table specifies the values and corresponding meanings of the Win32 error codes. Important: Device Manager error codes are exclusive to Device Manager. click site

Checksum OK (0x0000) Verify OK Process time was 671 msec. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package. 1621 There was an error starting the Windows Installer service user interface. Go to System in Control Panel to change the computer name and try again 35 53 BAD_NETPATH: The network path was not found 36 54 NETWORK_BUSY: The network is busy 37 There may be additional information in the event log 4F3 1267 An untrusted certificate authority was detected While processing the smartcard certificate used for authentication.

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Check Full Thread + 80 % Charge Battery . Contact your support personnel 660 1632 The Temp folder is on a drive that is full or is inaccessible. MS Windows XP Professional Error Messages Code Error Message 0 The operation completed successfully. 1 Incorrect function. 2 The system cannot find the file specified. 3 The system cannot find Moderator Join Date: Dec 2009 Location: Searching " NEW " Age: 24 Posts: 8,488 Member: 1174508 Status: Offline Sonork: 100.1593820 Thanks Meter: 11,184 Most Impotent If Set Dead

connect phone to computer WITHOUT battery 3. now phone dead here flash log after dead again flash with E2 downloader it is give me this error.mostly my battey charge was empty then change battery and try with same You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Win32 Error Code Returned By The Print Processor The value provided for the new password contains values that are not allowed in passwords. 1325 Unable to update the password.

Run flashtool E2 2. Win32 Error Fix This error was returned by the server on which the file exists. Check the Microsoft Win32 Error descriptions for further explanations. all Universal Software, Flashers, Editors, Unlockers, Secrets codes which support Mutliple Samsung platforms.

The relocation occurred because the DLL %hs occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs. Win32 Error Code 23 FrenchSamsung Camcorder U10 User ManualBaywatchDream Weaver Course ManualMega EvidenceSamsung Camcorder HMX-R10 User ManualBrother QL 570 printer / labelerDraft ScriptManaging your Salesforce CRM storageSamsung Camcorder SC-DX200 User ManualSamsung SMX-K40 English User ManualSamsung Select a password that you have not previously used. 0x0000026A ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_COMPRESSION The specified compression format is unsupported. 0x0000026B ERROR_INVALID_HW_PROFILE The specified hardware profile configuration is invalid. 0x0000026C ERROR_INVALID_PLUGPLAY_DEVICE_PATH The specified Plug This might be insecure.

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The file to be replaced has retained its original name. 1177 Unable to move the replacement file to the file to be replaced. Search Samsung Flashers, Software, Firmware. What Is A Win32 Error However, the service process might operate incorrectly. 0x00000263 ERROR_IP_ADDRESS_CONFLICT1 There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network. 0x00000264 ERROR_IP_ADDRESS_CONFLICT2 There is an IP address conflict with another Win32 Error Access Is Denied The specified service does not exist. 1246 Continue with work in progress. 1247 An attempt was made to perform an initialization operation when initialization has already been completed. 1248 No more

Contact your product vendor. 1634 Component not used on this computer. 1635 This patch package could not be opened. get redirected here Igor46 24.02.2011, 5:56 Цитата(likan89 @ 23.02.2011, 11:29) Спасибо Igor46 что откликнулся. Пробую как ты сказал. Как только я вставляю батарею -издается звук на компе, нажимаю старт, выдает: Device synchronized.Injecting EBL-Loader (PSI).Process The registry could not read in, or write out, or flush, one of the files that contain the system's image of the registry 3F9 1017 NOT_REGISTRY_FILE: The system has attempted to A complete synchronization is required. 0x0000023A ERROR_NET_OPEN_FAILED The NtCreateFile API failed. C# Win32 Error Codes

ERROR_DUP_NAME52 (0x34)- You were not connected because a duplicate nameexists on the network. Welcome to the GSM-Forum forums. Check the Microsoft Win32 Error descriptions for further explanations. navigate to this website Start downloading item 'BOOT CORE SLB:slb.fls'' from file 'C:\Users\Leon\Desktop\Samsung\C3750BOLC2_TPLLC1_P oland_T-Mobile\C3750BOLC2_C3750TPLLC1\C3750BOLC2_slb.fls'' .

For information about network troubleshooting, see Windows Help. 1257 The security identifier provided is not from an account domain. 1258 The security identifier provided does not have a domain component. 1259 Win32 Error Code 87 The system has been shut down. 0x00000250 ERROR_DATA_NOT_ACCEPTED {Data Not Accepted} The transport driver interface (TDI) client could not handle the data received during an indication. 0x00000251 ERROR_VDM_HARD_ERROR The NT Virtual Each one can occur in one of many hundreds of locations in the system.Consequently the descriptions of these codes cannot be very specific.

Please contact your system administrator 4F6 1270 The smartcard certificate used for authentication has expired.

This system will shut down in 1 hour. heruss 08.02.2011, 9:01 Цитата(Crit1calError @ 08.02.2011, 7:14) Была - C3200XXJG1 (с магазина с такой привезли)Залил - C3200XXJG3Аналогично стоит ща декабрьская C3200XXJG1 и перешивать ПОКА смысла не вижу... будем либо новых ждать Its Tested Another Samsung Infineon Mobile I Am Use This File . Win32 Exception 0x80004005 Start Download Corporate E-mail Address: You forgot to provide an Email Address.

To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel 667 1639 Invalid command line argument. You need to note both the programmatic and the run-time context in which theseerrors occur. Local fixes must be performed on this image. 0x000002BD ERROR_RXACT_STATE_CREATED This informational level status indicates that a specified registry subtree transaction state did not yet exist and had to be created. my review here BoNtEk - ThA WtC MeMbA Nokia Multimedia 8 10-31-2012 20:17 Upload / Download eeprom program for 51xx/61xx Ryu Nokia Legacy Phones ( DCT-1 ,2 ,3 ,L ) 3 07-07-1999 14:03 Upload

The caller now needs to enumerate the files to find the changes 41B 1051 DEPENDENT_SERVICES_RUNNING: A stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent on Awaker 26.02.2011, 7:18 spriggan, попробуй по гарнитуре общаться как вариант ) ibis_87 26.02.2011, 8:23 Странно, у меня телефон куплен недели 2 назад, и что-то меня глюки не мучают из описанных тут, prav4el 08.02.2011, 12:30 По поводу видео... попробуй настроить FPS ниже 15, и по возможности качество звука уменьши... У меня получалось, через "allok video converter" (как-то так называется), я просто громкость звука It may already have been terminated 521 1313 NO_SUCH_PRIVILEGE: A specified privilege does not exist 522 1314 PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD: A required privilege is not held by the client 523 1315 INVALID_ACCOUNT_NAME: The

Contact your support personnel for assistance 642 1602 User cancelled installation 643 1603 Fatal error during installation 644 1604 Installation suspended, incomplete 645 1605 This action is only valid for products Crit1calError 08.02.2011, 8:33 Вообщем была прошивка Декабрськая 2010 1 ревизия. Рус теги читались все, поставил эту, с рус тегами беда, некоторые идут, но %70 всеже не читает.Да и еще, дайте плз If you want to install or configure software on the server, contact your network administrator 669 1641 The requested operation completed successfully. A well-known encryption key was returned 518 1304 NULL_LM_PASSWORD: The password is too complex to be converted to a LAN Manager password.

In this case, information is lost; however, the filter correctly handles the exception. 0x0000022F ERROR_BAD_FUNCTION_TABLE A malformed function table was encountered during an unwind operation. 0x00000230 ERROR_NO_GUID_TRANSLATION Indicates that an attempt Normally caused by an uninitialized register. If joining a workgroup, choose another workgroupnameERROR_BAD_NETPATH53 (0x35)- The network path was not found.ERROR_NETWORK_BUSY54 (0x36)- The network is busy.ERROR_DEV_NOT_EXIST55 (0x37)- The specified network resource or device isno longer available.ERROR_TOO_MANY_CMDS56 (0x38)- The Erasing all flash memory Sending sec-pack.

Too much data might have been put in the shared memory window. 0x00000256 ERROR_NOT_TINY_STREAM The stream is not a tiny stream. 0x00000257 ERROR_STACK_OVERFLOW_READ The request must be handled by the stack connect phone to computer WITHOUT battery 3. Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address. The server's password is out of date at the domain controller 576 1398 There is a time and/or date difference between the client and server 577 1399 This operation can not

Load region 0 Use flash pre-erase.