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Winamp Error Opening Ipod Database

I think the ipod requires the album art to be embedded in the ID3 tag, so winamp won't correctly transfer the album art to the ipod. What is the "iTunesDB"? Joe Thanks for the help, but . . . click to enlarge You can eject your iPod right from within Winamp by clicking the Eject button in the bottom right corner of the Media Library window. navigate to this website

You can download version 3.09 of the iPod plugin here A full list of all changes can be found here. - Achim Bursian iPod Plugin Version 3.08 Released - 01/11/2009 New I am a new IPod user, heard ITunes was a problem, so tried out winamp instead. For iTouch and iPhone iTunes must be installed. What do you think about iPod Plug-in for Winamp?

But... Neil @John: Try a small and simple free util called Sharepod. It is very easy to understand and now I don't have to use iTunes. iTunes, however, requires Windows 2000 or higher, so if you need to use iTunes to upgrade your iPod's firmware, you will need to use either a Mac or Windows 2000, Windows

It stores all music in one big file and the playlists are merely pointers to the songs within that file. I can just copy files from my computer's HD to the ipod? In the next step, you can expand your comments. Some people have reported iTunes to remove the album art that has been put on the iPod with ml_iPod, but that should not happen since v2.01.

ugh. Source of this information was this entry on marcan's blog. When I add tracks to an existing artist some time 20 or 30 songs per artist its hard to tell what is already there and some are in multiple playlists. http://mlipod.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=home&show=all Each symphony, in turn, is a folder containing the movements, which are .wav files.

On my computer, on a remote drive, I have a huge collection of digitized classical music, which I use winamp on my computer to play. I hope that's clear. If you run Winamp/ml_iPod, it is written by ml_iPod. Milton you are a life saver.

What I'm wondering is whether I can get not only the music, but the playlists that go with it, onto the ipod-or am I going to have to make new playlists http://mlipod.sourceforge.net/ Use "prefixAlbumsWithYear=1" in the ml_ipod.ini on the iPod (no GUI to set this, yet) new: selftest exefixed: potential crash on Win98fixed: iTunes removed artwork written by ml_ipodpatch for strange Play Counts If you opt to create a custom installation, make sure to leave the iPod support selection in Portable Media Player Support (which is a part of the Winamp Library) checked. Without your help this wouldn't have been possible.

The same holds true for Winamp 5.5, which changed some internals in the used API. useful reference Makes it easier to recover a dead iPod. In Installer.app, select Sources then tap Edit (top-right corner) and then Add (top-left corner), type in http://mlipod.sourceforge.net/iphone/. Only with Winamp 5.3 or above new: Menuitem "Add missing gapless playback data in "iPod Tools" new: keep "gapless playback" data written by iTunes in a persistent cache file on disk

Can ml_ipod transfer to iPod in background so I could continue to enqueue transfers like in iTunes? If the album art does not show up on your iPod or is messed up, more often than not ml_ipod did not guess the correct iPod type, so you've got to IPhone and iPod touch support From Winamp iPod plugin ml_iPod Jump to: navigation, search Because of your great donation efforts, it was possible to buy an iPod touch for the ml_iPod my review here Also AOL think this is illegal, but I disagree)Sync (doesn't sync playlists yet)Fixed Delete and lots of other things Home | Downloads | FAQ | Documentation Wiki | Screenshots | Forum

Where can I find the content ratings? Don't need iTunes on your computer at all. If you don't have an iTunes library, you may simply add files to Winamp.

Eitan If i recall i used the ml_ipod plugin or something of that nature which i see they did address in version 5.21 Will certainly give it a try again, my

chris How do i get this to work with iPod Classic 160gb? With the newest patch (at time of writing 3.07p04) we added this approach to ml_iPod. You must restart Winamp after this change. You can see (and download) the latest official version on the Sourceforge download page.

That may lead to problems if you have special characters like ä, ö, ƒü, ƒß etc. You can find it at the following path (X: being the drive letter of your iPod): X:\ipod_control\iTunes\iTunesDB What are the ini-files where ml_iPod stores its configuration? Privacy policy About Winamp iPod plugin ml_iPod Disclaimers Home | Downloads | FAQ | Documentation Wiki | Screenshots | Forum | Links | Make a Donation | About Welcome to the get redirected here And now, when I try the procedure, winamp says it's working-you see the progress of transfers-but the stuff doesn't show up on the ipod.

Clear out your Winamp lib, and then import the files that you just saved. Killing the iPod app: Start the iPod application, then you have to press and hold the home button for about 5 seconds, "killing" the application and forcing the ipod to return Updates on this found on the iPhone page and in the forum thread CAUTION1: iPhone 3G and iPod touch with FW 2.0 has problems, see the iPhone page. Audiobooks are recognized by genre.

If you transfer 20 songs, you might be able to play only 15 on the Shuffle. But then I accidentally had itunes open and it synched my ipod again.