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Winamp Error Ripping Track #1 Cannot Find Decoder

I was tearing apart when I couldn't hear a 32kbit encode from the source (this is of course not possible with *any* track). To disable all Windows Codecs, open the CDex.ini file (located in the Windows Directory), and search for the following line: WinEncoder=1 And Change it to WinEncoder=0 Save the CDex.ini file, and Last edited by Lsathranil; 26th January 2008 at 13:09. DB is ok, I just find Cue Tools to be easier and I like the way it works. navigate to this website

You can also sync the unprotected to your iPod and other portable devices. Password Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes 17th January 2008, 21:10 #1 ilovefyn Junior Member Join Date: Jan 2008 Posts: 5 Error ripping track #1: Cannot find I can't be sure if it was just a bad installation the first time around or the drive somehow made a difference, but that worked for me. The prospect or transcoding all my lossless music from flac to m4a, using the ffmpeg encoder within Cue Tools.

All I'm trying to do is rip a CD from my PCs CD-RW drive to MP3 files under Win XP. Dear Winamp fans, As you might have heard, Winamp recently changed ownership. I see no reason not to convert all my lossless to ALAC now and just keep one archive.

In Winamp 5.5 and higher, settings are automatically saved in %AppData%\Winamp except for on upgrades from previous versions, where 'shared' setups are still respected. Copyright © 1999 - 2013 Nullsoft. For example, if my username is [email protected], I would use the following URL: http://greg%40example.com:[email protected]:port Q: Why do I get 'SR_ERROR_NOT_SHOUTCAST_STREAM' when trying to connect to my stream? A: You can use it to rip (copy) streams of the following kinds: .mp3 Shoutcast streams - the kind of streams found on shoutcast.com. .mp3 Icecast streams - a GNU GPL/Open

See here for a detailed list of Winamp 5.x Full/Pro installer components. ______________________________________________________________________ Legacy Support for 2.8x and earlier: * Winamp 2.77 and earlier If you installed support for it, first Run the peercast client, then set streamripper to listen to the local stream. Close Yeah, keep it Undo Close This video is unavailable.

From there it will maintain tags by syncing and only encode tracks that are not present.Quote from: 2t0nEg on 19 October, 2009, 11:53:13 PMhttp://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index....showtopic=16295ABX'ing will add credibility to your claim(s)...You may

First off, I'm not a total noob so hit me with your best shot, fire away! Q: Could Streamripper have feature 'x'? Download and run the tool. THANK YOU Posted at 4:44AM on Mar 19th 2010 by paul 8.

Including this information will result in a much speedier and more accurate reply. RendoR Newbie Joined: 16 October, 2009 Posts: 17 Logged Transcoding entire lossless archive to m4a Reply #9 – 17 October, 2009, 11:10:33 PM Yes, my purpose is to have my lossless No need to start throwing around the file extension as it is only confusing people.Now, about your cue sheets. Q: So meta-data has nothing to do with ID3?

Basically I use all these programs daily. useful reference Read this first! 9. If you haven't already added audio files to your Winamp Media Player, you can go to File >> Add Media to Library. X-Fi :-) ~ Updated by DJ-Egg : 10th July 2002 | 26th May 2003 ~ ~ Updated by Sawg : 25th April 2002 ~ _________________________________________________________________________ Problems caused by using 3rd-party MP3Pro

For the record I can play/rip the cd in Windows Mediaplayer and rip with CDex without any problems whatsoever. Up until now I've been transcoding mp3's and loading them into itunes. Since I moved to 5.11, it always happens. http://3cq.org/winamp-error/winamp-error-cannot-find-decoder.php press configure from the main dialog box).

CDex 1.40 uses the windows socket library version 2, which is not standard shipped with Windows 95. Restarted computer (twice). Maybe this isn't the best way to do it, but I can't think of a better way.

However, UDP metadata is not supported for Icecast 1.x. .nsv (Nullsoft Streaming Video) streams - which Winamp tv uses. .aac Shoutcast/Icecast streams - the kind of streams found on tuner2.com.

Being able to add tags and embed artwork at the time of encoding is crucial. http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=279542 msvcp71.dll not found (5.34 build 1273 specific error) http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=270073 Crash in db.w5s when loading CDs / reading CDDB (5.3-5.34 specific) http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=257361 Tracklength not showing in playlist for some mp3's in Steamripper knows how to get track data from Shoutcast streams with meta-data. Without you I never would have solved this problem! [/sarcasm] Lsathranil View Public Profile Find More Posts by Lsathranil 4th November 2012, 07:05 #9 Tidorith Junior Member Join

Quick Uninstall -> Reinstall: Note, you will lose all settings, bookmarks, skins, library database/playlists, etc by choosing this method. Q: How do I uninstall Streamripper? However, the resulting transcoded lossless files may not match up against the source lossless files when using a buggy encoder. http://3cq.org/winamp-error/winamp-error-cant-open-decoder.php If I unchecked "show this before each convert" but later want to change the format converter preferences again, how do I bring back the "Format Converter" screen?

That is like walking around the Earth just to go from point A to point B when you could have just walked backwards for 2 miles. Neither iTunes nor your iPod will be able to work with them. Report any further issues/complaints directly to Thomson/mp3prozone (ie. Playlist paths are relative paths, so if you keep the same parent & sub folder structure, then the playlists will still work.

No dice. Q: Why don't I get separate files? I have tried reinstalling winamp 5.11, and also installing an older version of the winamp installer I still had. kornchild2002 Hero Member Joined: 07 April, 2005 Posts: 2,089 Logged Transcoding entire lossless archive to m4a Reply #2 – 16 October, 2009, 08:14:57 PM I too am a little confused as

iTunes Rip CD - How to Rip CD to MP3 with iTunes Related Products Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate $69.95 $49.95 The ultimate tool to convert video/audio, rip DVD, burn DVD, remove I have burned standard audio CDs using ALAC files a countless number of times using iTunes without a single issue (with gapless music and music that had gaps in them). So I once again did a clean install as per the topic "FAQ: Troubleshooters; Information Required When Posting; READ THIS FIRST !" (including wiping %appdata%\winamp, program files and the two completely There is a separate plugin for Winamp 3, but this is no longer supported.

Include the exported .txt file in your post/attachment. -If you are a non-Pro user and/or the filetype is one handled by the DirectShow Decoder (in_dshow), as opposed to in_avi, in_mkv, in_flv Some programs (foobar2000, dBpowerAMP, etc.) can decode these files. ffmpeg shows up as Lavf52.34.0 and CD-DA extractor must be proprietary. A: Use the -a flag to rip to a single large file.

There are so many different lossless m4a encoders, are they all considered ALAC? it either shows all/no extensions, or some supported types are missing) http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=238906 Internet Explorer Script Error with Now Playing http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=167147 Can't connect to SC Radio (Too many listeners/requests. Instead, please contact the list owners at [email protected] References: error: can't find decoderFrom: Jerry Halatyn Re: error: can't find decoderFrom: Reg Webb Other related posts:» error: can't find decoder » Re: As a side note, it's very odd that Winamp is trying to call a pure virtual function on an object.

I will likely add a special menu item to make this a little bit more userfriendly.