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Winamp Error While Processing Metadata

A: No, shns are already 16-bit. powered by ElkArte 1.0.9 | SimplePortal 2.4 © 2008-2014 | credits Products Purchase Codec Central Forum&Support Professional About Create New Forum Account Remember Me? admin.cgi?sid=#&mode=unbandst&bandst=&banmsk=255 - Where is that of a single IP to unban. User-agent:* Disallow:/ Networking namelookups: Enable to allow reverse DNS look-ups on incoming IP addresses [Default = 0] portbase: Specify the port which clients and sources need to use to connect navigate to this website

I'm also interested in knowing whether, irregardless of a bug per the other thread linked previously, there is an advantage to having smaller seek points than 10s. If you use Align On Sector Boundaries, you have to be absolutely certain that the files sort in the right order. OK More information Digital-Inn uses cookies. With your click on OK, you agree to the use of cookies to. http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=260838

Older sources with a less-than-full range of frequencies, that are mono or nearly so, might compress to as little as 30-40% of the size of the wav files. If this is not specified then 'allowrelay' will be used. stats?sid=# - Provides an xml response for public accessibility which matches the private version from admin.cgi?sid=#&mode=viewxml&page=1. I wasn't seeking when it would cramp up initially, so that probably wasn't the source of my underlying problem.

Reply #20 – 18 March, 2004, 06:48:56 PM I don't think the seek table is what's causing your problem; the seek table's never used unless you try to seek (i.e. titleformat: Specify a string to be used in-place of the default icy-name string being used [Default = ] urlformat: Specify a string to be used in-place of the default icy-url admin.cgi?sid=#&mode=unripdst&ripdst= - Where is the IP to reserve (see section 4.11 for more information). There is a simple test you can perform.Get flac.exe and create this little test script test.cmd:testflac -t mylargefile.flacgoto testThen let it run for at least 15 minutes (will use 100% CPU

Member Joined: 14 March, 2004 Posts: 56 Logged FLAC Plug-in Error: Stream_Decoder_Error? hat jemand vlt genug knowhow das plugin zu bearbeiten? FlacFingerprint Issues Q: A common practice for SHN files is to verify the MD5's right after download or after creating a newly burned disc. this page I don't really have this issue when I'm wired, and teh only difference (since my connection is pretty stable) is the total throughput available with 802.11b (about 6mbps max).Just seems really

The provided examples are: sc_serv_basic.conf sc_serv_public.conf sc_serv_relay.conf sc_serv_simple.conf All of the configuration examples are documented and will relate back to details in this file appropriately. A value of zero means there is no timeout of an idle source. I would think at the very least one of the players Ive used, like Winamp, would be better able to "iron out" streaming problems...-rt Last Edit: 17 March, 2004, 01:12:19 AM If 'dstip / destip' is not specified then the server will attempt to auto-generate the IP required for the client to be able to connect.

This process automatically updates your configuration file(s) with the new authhash and if the stream is set to be public then will attempt to get the stream listed in the SHOUTcast Downing them again, didnt solve it, neither did using a different packer to exact the files. Nein, erstelle jetzt ein Benutzerkonto. For most people this should not be an issue as the memory is not really allocated unless it is used.

admin.cgi?sid=#&mode=unbandst&bandst=.0&banmsk=0 - Where is the first 3 parts of a subnet IP to unban. http://3cq.org/winamp-error/winamp-error-404.php This provides a format-independent way to compare files or shows, which should be the most useful method in the long term. First, the FLAC project is completely free and open source and has been so from the start; the Monkey's Audio code has only recently been released to the public, but this Sometimes this is a pause with a brief return to playing like 30 seconds later and then another pause, sometimes its an outright "error" as stated before, and sometimes the file

move the slider around in winamp).you could use 'metaflac --list file.flac' to see the metadata but I haven't verified yet whether that other windows+seektable bug is in the file itself or Kann mir jemand die Lösung des Problem sagen ?Klicke in dieses Feld, um es in vollständiger Größe anzuzeigen. It may take longer than a typical md5 check. my review here maxhttpredirects: Specify the maximum number of times we can redirect when relaying [Default = 5] relayport: Port of the source to use for the relay [Default: 80] relayserver: Url

admin.cgi?mode=reload or admin.cgi?mode=reload&force=1 - This reloads the stream configuration details in the main configuration file the server used when started and is only available on the admin summary page and so If your question is not covered, ask it here on this question page. sc_serv_public This configuration file changes the required options in the sc_serv_basic configuration to get a sc_serv instance running as a public setup with a connection made to the YP for listing

I'm not sure how you determine the specs; all I know at this stage is what I wrote in the heading to my query.

This configuration file is designed to be used just as is and is the simplest form of the configuration file you can have which will allow you to get a running To apply a specific intro file to a stream, use streamintrofile_X. Make sure the music files aren't read-only (Windows folder -> select all -> rt-click first item -> Properties -> Uncheck 'Read-only' -> Apply) If tags can't be written, then just the admin.cgi?mode=rotate or admin.cgi?mode=rotate&files=log|w3c - This will rotate the log files set via the 'logfile', 'w3clog' and 'streamw3clog' options.

All you need to do when using this configuration file is to enter your authorisation key in the 'streamauthhash' line e.g. they're two different things.the first usually refers to a client and server communicating using a protocol like RTP which is designed for real-time communication over possibly unreliable networks.the second is making This is with all the same settings, file data input the same, etc.700k seems like a noticeable difference to me. http://3cq.org/winamp-error/winamp-error.php End a Daemon kill -SIGTERM or kill -15 or kill -s TERM - The PID of the daemon instance (reported when the daemon started or can be

the bit rate on my FLAC files averages like 850, which over 6x the 128kbps AAC they discuss.Just to clarify: both AAC and FLAC are equally demanding on your wireless Squeezebox Keeping this around in a text file seems completely pointless since these values are already stored in the files themselves.